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1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

You need a trusted advisor who is available to listen wholeheartedly, understand and support your life, leadership and business growth. I deliver my support in a way that makes sense to you, and I always keep your best interests in mind.
I provide in-person and online sessions
I'm here to help you create the person and the future you want to become and live.

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Training Programs

Coaching is among the top 10 professions taking the lead now and for the coming 50 years. You want to be a powerful Coach, we are here to enable you to be the Coach you want to be. Whether you want an Executive and Career Coach, to help organizations and top management leaders. or you want to be a Social and Life Coach to help to create better individuals and societies.

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Executive / Career Coaching

Let's work together to unlock the future you want, you are closer to your targets more than any time before. With our extensive knowledge and experience in organizational behavior and rigorous psychological training, our executive coaching is a powerful and rewarding tool to improve the performance of executives and their organizations and it is well worth the investment.

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Daifallah Alluhaidan
Daifallah AlluhaidanDirector, StartupGrind - Saudi Arabia

What an interesting experience having M. A. Usman Jr as my couch in my business/life journey for the last 2 years. He is in one sentence "is the guy who ask the right questions at the right time". Then you get to focus and pick the best available decision and enjoy the journey.

Ahmed Zaidan
Ahmed ZaidanTech entrepreneur, Chicago

M.A.USman JR is a great coach material guy, he is a great active listener and asks the right questions which make you reaching the “aha moment” in no time. Thank you for brightening my life.

What If You Could Change Your Life In The Next 90 Days?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be.

Silver Membership

  • Coaching or Mentoring
  • Before and after Assessments
  • Follow up
  • Great for a single service

Gold Membership

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Includes one month Mentorship +
  • Includes Free Access to all Webinars
  • Before and after Assessments
  • Monthly evaluation
  • Free tickets to ( One Event )
  • Great for two services

Dimond Membership

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Includes two months mentorship +
  • Includes Free Access to all Webinars
  • Before and after Assessments
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Monthly Workshop
  • Free tickets to ( Two Events )
  • Great for multiple services

Not Sure Where to Start?

I'd love to share my experience to help you create the present and the future you are looking for, and to build your business from scratch to reach your goals, which you can't find elsewhere.

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Our Members Achievements

Our Members Achievements

As a college girl, I register to Live It Bright Academy mentorship program for a full year and got their support and guides on my transitional decisions. Thank you Live it Bright.

I've graduated now and I run my own business and still a loyal client to live it bright and M.A. USman Jr programs.

Munera HassanCEO Muera Saloon - Jeddah
Success Story

Upcoming Events


Sleep – Brain call vs Materialism Temptations

24/7 Awake is the norm. how, and why you need to answer your brain call ASAP. in the era of less sleep. less mental wellbeing is a result. Join our enlightening awareness session and share your answer and thoughts.      

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Coaching or Therapies? Why, and when?

It’s quite confusing for the majority of us to determine when to go to psychologist therapies or to look for Coach? In this awareness session, you will be able to know the deep insights to know When, Why, and for what exactly you may need a psychologist and a Coach? Lectures and Materials are all in English.    

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Enoughness (Bright Talk) Ep 21

What it is: What do you need to feel enough? Alternatively, to be enough? Are you enough alone? What makes you feel enough? Is it your money? Your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? Your company? Your position? Your certificates? Your house? Your possessions? Good News Let me tell this good news, all of the above are externals, and enoughness is an internal belief inside you. Being an individual human being …

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Blind Spots (Bright Talk) Ep 20

Blind Spots A call to Connect My grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) was blind spots indicator, I used to share with her everything willingly, and she used to bright my blind spots for me. She would always share the wisdom of what is beyond. What I couldn’t notice myself. She taught me how to be.  You Have Them Too I think you may have a person in your …

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live it bright podcast

Gratitude (Bright Talk) Ep 19

All we need Waking up alive, internally free, and healthy, is all I need to be grateful. Most of the time just a single thought or feeling is enough for us to show your gratitude.  Gratitude is a healing process; gratitude helps us redefine our recognition to what we take for granted from the simplest to the greatest. In the morning when gratitude is the first we do when we …

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