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Enoughness (Bright Talk) Ep 21

What it is: What do you need to feel enough? Alternatively, to be enough? Are you enough alone? What makes you feel enough? Is it your money? Your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? Your company? Your position? Your certificates? Your house? Your possessions? Good News Let me tell this good news, all of the above are externals, and enoughness is an internal belief inside you. Being an individual human being …

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Blind Spots (Bright Talk) Ep 20

Blind Spots A call to Connect My grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) was blind spots indicator, I used to share with her everything willingly, and she used to bright my blind spots for me. She would always share the wisdom of what is beyond. What I couldn’t notice myself. She taught me how to be.  You Have Them Too I think you may have a person in your …

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Gratitude (Bright Talk) Ep 19

All we need Waking up alive, internally free, and healthy, is all I need to be grateful. Most of the time just a single thought or feeling is enough for us to show your gratitude.  Gratitude is a healing process; gratitude helps us redefine our recognition to what we take for granted from the simplest to the greatest. In the morning when gratitude is the first we do when we …

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Actualizing (Bright Talk) Ep 17

Rain or Fog rooms What do we actualize? And what actualizes us?  We actualize what we invite to our reality, what we attract to our present, and what we prepare for our future. Every single second on a particular scene, audio, imagination or emotion steps our actualization.  Actions A significant part of who we are invites us to live the dream, to extend the imagination, and to flourish the wish. …

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Acceptance (Bright Talk) Ep 15

Heart and Brain Everything happened for a reason, probably you have heard of this phrase before. However, have you interpret it to help you progress.  Our mental chapters can’t erase everything happens to us. Because our brain is contented to our heart and this is what makes the decision to delete a case not as easy as one party decision.  We try to erase the incident as it never happened …

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Beliefs ( Bright Talk) Ep 14

The source and the Origen  Are beliefs initially thoughts and ideas, a group of emotions or feelings or general habits, and traditions?  Do the Repetition and consistency of what have been proven to be getting people’s actions and reactions under a particular type of control and mental custody have lasted the longest?   It doesn’t matter which part of the world have shaped our culture and personality, beliefs have formed …

live it bright podcast

Human Nature ( Bright Talk) Ep 13

The language and the codes Governments spend part of their budgets through universities and research centers on research and discoveries, trying to understand how the universe and the species are functioning and how the results can help humankind and all the species to live a better life.    Personally Descending the efforts to an individual level, how much time do we spend to understand our nature. To understand the biology …

Shadows (Bright Talk) Ep 16

Shade of Nature From the time we were born, we start to shadow our caregivers, the society and who are around us. We are a shadow of somebody or something by nature, as we have sat rule models and idols.  Some shadows are scary when others are mysterious. Some are temporary when others are permanent. Some are mental, and others are cultural.  Personal Experience I’ve lived with mental and cultural …

AWARENESS (Bright Talk) Ep 12

Curiosity and Questioning There are things that you know that we know, like our names or the skills we mastered.  And there are things that we know that we don’t know, like the ability to fly like a bird without an assistant, or the ability to walk on water. And there are things that we don’t know that we know, like trying to sing, or paint and the outcome was …

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