Here. Now the universe responds from within (Bright Talk) Ep 1

My Inner Voice:

It was October 28th, 2017, when my inner voice spooks out loudly “ it’s the time to go big.” It’s time to live beyond my humble self. That was a right transformation call. 

Going Big:

Understanding going big will include me as a whole, persuaded me to connect all the dots backward.

The short history of my existent included happy and powerful times, sad and weak moments, many interactions with people holding archetype cultures, and human-built cultures.

It contains hundreds of book, tens of training course and workshops, various work experience. From education to Solo business, to Insurance, retail, Corporate Sales, relationship management, and Business to Business for Over two decades.

All of which have ironically shaped the identity of my current existent. 

My Existence:

My current existence is an existence of Purpose, an existence of harmony, an existence of self-actualized, and an existence of gratitude.

Here, and now the universe responds right from within, here and now I’m going big, here and now I represent purpose here and now I have my Freedom to Be Human Again. 

Shining to Sky:

Bright and wholehearted, bright and open soul, bright and active mind, bright to value my present, bright to accept my incompleteness, bright to declare my enoughness, Bright to transcend. As a result here and now I live everything bright, and every bright thing lives in me. 


There are different possible ways to rise and go beyond, to find the purpose of your existent. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our life. 

Remember: Living in darkness might not be a choice, but Living in Brightness is a choice. 

M.A.Usman Jr

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