Five Tips for Working from Home

Our Five Tips for Working from Home are here to help you as you are working from home.    1- Establish A Routine You may not be commuting in the morning anymore but it’s important to do something that wakes you up and gets you energized for the day. This could be anything from some stretches followed by a hot cup of coffee or even a yoga session. Whatever works …


Heart and Brain Everything happened for a reason, probably you have heard of this phrase before. However, have you interpret it to help you progress.  Our mental chapters can’t erase everything happens to us. Because our brain is contented to our heart and this is what makes the decision to delete a case not as easy as one party decision.  We try to erase the incident as it never happened …

Shame and Failure

The rigid belief in shame encourages our subconscious mind to transmute this belief to a personality element. Especially at an early age. How It became? When you revise the utmost of the shame hinders that have been enculturated in you, you will discover that significant part of them related to fear of what other people would say mostly. Moreover, the question is who are those other people and why they …


Heart Space When the human mind believed that hard is the best, difficult always represents empowerment, expensive translates quality, the brain punched the heart with perpetuate suffer. We suffer running out of simplicity by jamming our heart space. Everything we have or desire to have take space in our heart. I need it If our intelligence is wondering what causes internal conflict and chaos, we may consider what we feed …



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