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Attachment (Bright Talk) 10


The conscious and the Subconscious 

For a large number of people, independence is a lifetime goal. A lot of nations around the globe celebrate independence day every year, this is how significant and valuable independency is to our humankind. 

The External

You may remember the time you turned to be 18, the time you move out of your parents’ house, the time you had your first salary,  what a feeling of independence! We seek our detach from everything controls us, or tells our conscious mind what do, how to do, and when to do. We declare our independence from the external world in one way or other, because it is evident to us, and because it is external, and because it talks to our conscious mind. 

This external world might be, a parent, a spouse, a family, a geographical surrounding, an ability to do, be, or have something new. 

The Internal

Now, what have we done about the internal independence? Which I argue is essential as well. What about dependency that we create, embrace, and follow willingly?

I mean the Attachment. Our subconscious attachment to things that control us, things that weaken us, things cause us anxiety, things that complicate our lives.

The Questions

Are we independent if love can cause us pain?

Are we independent if materials are what present our value, or what present’s our image if materials are what defines our reputation? 

Are we independent if consumption is what feeds our soul? 

Are we independent when we live a fake life, a phony wealth? 

Are we independent when how much money we have or make defines our friends? 

Are we independent if change frighten us?

Are we independent if our reputation or society image is more important that our awareness and inner peace? 

I wonder who we would be without that subconscious attachment? And how our life would look like? 


 The impact of our detachments is profound, because it organizes, simplifies, and more importantly tacks us back to our humanity. 


There are different possible ways to free yourself from subconscious attachments. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.


M.A. USman Jr.


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