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Blind Spots (Bright Talk) Ep 20

Blind Spots

A call to Connect

My grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) was blind spots indicator, I used to share with her everything willingly, and she used to bright my blind spots for me. She would always share the wisdom of what is beyond. What I couldn’t notice myself. She taught me how to be. 

You Have Them Too

I think you may have a person in your life whom you would tell everything to, a person who would care enough to notify you when needed. 


A Reason to Be

Part of incompleteness as human beings and a reason for us to connect no matter how old or educated we are we all have a blind spot.


Does our ego blind our inner power to accept the fact of our blind spots?

Do you think there is any relation between our blind spots and our differences? 

Denying the fact of having blind spots will not complete us, it will not help us progress, will not indulge us, and for sure it will be bright us.


Blind spots are strength and progress points when recognized and embraced. 


There are different possible ways to identify your blind spots. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.

Thank You

M.A. USman Jr.

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