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Change (Bright Talk) Ep 9

The only Constant fact

Change is my way to express my gratitude to God. It’s a practical mindset to appreciate my life, change strength my trust, to build my personality.  Change always sends me free. 

I would argue that being afraid of change is the new mental slavery. The question is whom I can blame for enslaving my mind by myself?

It is going to happen

Change doesn’t have to be a shift. It is a constant modification and a result of continued improvement. 

Our humankind and the universe is in constant change. Moreover, change is a universal pattern. It’s our choice as individuals to create the change we want at the right time otherwise change is going to come across us.

no one will wait for you to adopt a new change in the world it’s going to happen either you are ready or not.

Free Yourself

It is relevant to detach ourselves from all what we are unconsciously doing, having, or wanting before we adopt a change in our life. 

most people when they analyze their lives, they discover things that they are attached to without realizing how much there are affecting our decision to change. 

even though we hardly change something in ourselves, but we always believe the outside world needs to change, and we have plenty of plans and ideas of how the other can change.


Where does the fear of change come from?

Do we live the fortune of being human, by resisting change?

Have you ever heard about, Day and night, Winter and summer, Childhood and adulthood, strength and weakness, dependency and independence? 

Have you ever ask yourself why we can take decisions?

I wonder which part of our inelegance convinced us that we could get different results by doing the same thing? 


We are scared of what we don’t know, but how we would know what we are afraid of?


There are different possible ways to adopt change and send yourself free. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.



M.A. USman Jr.

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