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live it bright podcast

Blind Spots (Bright Talk) Ep 20

Blind Spots A call to Connect My grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) was blind spots indicator, I used to share with her everything willingly, and she used to bright my blind spots for me. She would always share the wisdom of what is beyond. What I couldn’t notice myself. She taught me how to be.  You Have Them Too I think you may have a person in your …

live it bright podcast

Procrastination (Bright Talk) Ep 6

The Ego   Our morals might reject to accept lies. We define lie as inappropriate behavior, sometimes lies break long-lasting relationships. In a particular stage of our lives, we might have experienced a lie that resulted in hurt feelings and an emotional impact or damage that we couldn’t tolerate. Our ego stands in front of our ability to tolerate a lie that comes from the external world. However, does our …