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live it bright podcast

Shame and Failure (Bright Talk) Ep 2

The rigid belief in shame encourages our subconscious mind to transmute this belief to a personality element. Especially in our early ages. How It became? When you revise utmost of the shame hinders that have been enculturated in you, you will discover that significant part of them related to fear of what other people would say mostly. Moreover, the question is who are those other people and why they need …

Here. Now the universe responds from within (Bright Talk) Ep 1

My Inner Voice: It was October 28th, 2017, when my inner voice spooks out loudly “ it’s the time to go big.” It’s time to live beyond my humble self. That was a right transformation call.  Going Big: Understanding going big will include me as a whole, persuaded me to connect all the dots backward. The short history of my existent included happy and powerful times, sad and weak moments, many …

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