Enoughness (Bright Talk) Ep 21

What it is:

What do you need to feel enough? Alternatively, to be enough?
Are you enough alone?

What makes you feel enough? Is it your money? Your kids? Your spouse? Your boss? Your company? Your position? Your certificates? Your house? Your possessions?

Good News

Let me tell this good news, all of the above are externals, and enoughness is an internal belief inside you.

Being an individual human being is an explicit declaration of your enoughness. You are the center of totality; you are enough now and tomorrow.


Enoughness is a mindset and a belief to embrace. When we welcome enoughness, all the externals will come along our enoughness, and significantly they don’t replace our true internal enoughness.

is there any relation between your feeling of enoughness and your individuality?
Are you still going to be the same person without your externals?

Do you appreciate your externals more than your unadulterated enoughness?

I believe recognizing our unadulterated enoughness is a significant progress component which is easy to work on and build, and trust me it worth the effort.


Your Enoughness is you as you.


There are different possible ways to embrace your enoughness. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.


M.AUSman Jr.

Founder of Live it Bright

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