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Expectations (Bright Talk) Ep 7


Disappointment’s loyal client

A New Habit

 Some of us need 66 days, some might need 44 days, and for some of us, it is only 21 days to change a habit according to different studies. 

Expectations are often our key factor to predict and conclude. As we live with our 2 or 3% of consciousness, we are mentally controlled by expectations. 

How it Function:

When expectations control our interoperating mental language, We interoperate based on an expectation, so we comprehend based on an expectation, thoroughly we conclude based on an expectation.

Let’s question:

How many decisions have we taken depending on what other people expect from us? Where does our eagerness to predict come from?

Is there any relationship between our eagerness to predict and our mental attachment to the future? 

Do we predict to show our superpower? 

What is first, and what is more important, Interoperating, comprehending, or concluding? 

Expectation to Belief:

When expectation transforms to be a belief, it controls us more and more. However, why we allow our expectations to become beliefs?



Expectations are the loyal client of disappointments, and engine fuel for Anger. I expect all drivers on the road to follow the rules, and in case not  I would get upset and angry.

I expect my kids to act a certain way, and to be certain individuals, in case they turned out to be something else I feel disappointed. 

I expect my spouse to understand, accept, remember and engage to all of my concerns and request all the time and anyhow. So if they didn’t, I would interoperate, comprehend, and conclude. 

What is the relationship between expectation and laziness?

Can we consider expectation as prejudices?

If we are fully conscious are we going to expect?

Is it the ego what drives our expectations?

What do we know about human nature, that gives us the power to predict behavioral intentions and their subsequent behavior?


Expectations can be defined as prejudices and may function as an effective interaction hinder.


There are different possible ways to examine and revise your expectations. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives


M.A. USman Jr.

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