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Human Nature ( Bright Talk) Ep 13

The language and the codes

Governments spend part of their budgets through universities and research centers on research and discoveries, trying to understand how the universe and the species are functioning and how the results can help humankind and all the species to live a better life. 



Descending the efforts to an individual level, how much time do we spend to understand our nature. To understand the biology of our behaviors. To understand the source of thoughts and believes and how they are accumulating. To understand what influences our morals and what shapes our standards. To understand the reasons for our culture. also, the beauty of other cultures. 


Who we are?

We do believe that humankind is the most import species on this earth and almost the only species with the totality of existence, that couldn’t be enough to convince our ego to declare our unawareness about our nature. 

Everything around us is a reason to questioning and deserves the time finding answers. 

Now, what happens when we don’t understand our nature? 

We lose our consciousness, we lose the power to interact and grow, we lose the reason to exist, violence identifies our wining, we become a regular and programmed engine, ending to lose our humanity. 

Do we use our natural language, or we have coded enculturation?



As technology advances we are accepting the notion that a computer system is more powerful than a human mind, this might led our consciousness over time to forget who created this system? Moreover, we spend a great part of our time trying to understand how the technology work, and spend more time using it.

I would argue that understanding our nature is going to reduce our life complexity. When we know our nature, we appreciate ourselves more, and our value begins and ends within us. 


Understanding our nature is our first mission to progress. Noting our nature doesn’t accommodate chaos, or mental and heart conflicts.


There are different possible ways to understand and increase our awareness about our nature Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives. 


M.A. USman Jr.

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