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Actualizing (Bright Talk) Ep 17

Rain or Fog rooms

What do we actualize? And what actualizes us? 

We actualize what we invite to our reality, what we attract to our present, and what we prepare for our future. Every single second on a particular scene, audio, imagination or emotion steps our actualization. 


A significant part of who we are invites us to live the dream, to extend the imagination, and to flourish the wish. We spend the needed energy to progress in this small big unlimited room of fogs.

Fog’s room is a room of confusion and living on it leads to a massive relaxed delusion. 

Only actualizing the purpose of the fog will make it rain. Our humble self lives in one of the two room. The room of Fog, or the room of Rain. When what represents our self-importance is in the cloud, we are living in the Fog room. Moreover, when what represents our self-importance is actually here on earth. We are living in the Rain room.  

The reflection

when you look at the mirror what do you see as part of your self-importance?

Do your dreams, wishes, and imaginations, shower you with the emotion of happiness? 

I call you now and today to move your stuff from the foggy room, and actualize your full self-importance by making it rain. 

make it rain on your present, make it rain on your future, make it rain, so you become. 

Actualize the fact that you are breathing, the fact that you have a brain, the fact that you have dreamed, the fact that you are a living human being with the reality of being able to listen to this podcast. 

I’ve always wanted to have my podcast, and as you are listening now, I’ve already actualized that by moving from my room of fog to my rain room. 


when Your self-importance is fog, you became fog too, and when your self-importance is rain you became a rain as well. So my last question to you is, Do you want to stay in the cloud representing no value to nobody or you get here and feed the earth, humankind, and proof your self-importance. 


There are different possible ways to know how to actualize your self-importance. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.


M.A. USman Jr.



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