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Gratitude (Bright Talk) Ep 19

All we need

Waking up alive, internally free, and healthy, is all I need to be grateful. Most of the time just a single thought or feeling is enough for us to show your gratitude. 

Gratitude is a healing process; gratitude helps us redefine our recognition to what we take for granted from the simplest to the greatest.

In the morning

when gratitude is the first we do when we wake up, we are profoundly recharging our humanity, which increases our heart space to tolerate, to enjoy, to appreciate, to thank, to forgive, to disregard, to accept, and to become. 

I believe gratitude is a fundamental element of progress, as progress is about building up and on, and how would we be building up and on, when we don’t recognize or appreciate what is already there. You can’t build on what you don’t trust or see. 

Fast lifestyle

The fact that our current fast lifestyle blinds us from recognizing how much we already have. On the contrary, it opens our eyes to what we should have to fulfill. Everything that is not yet in our hand is a temptation. It intimidates our minds to create a belief of precise unworthiness to what we already have and to whom we already are. 

We have

You and I, we have all we need to be grateful for, like your ability to listen to this podcast, and my ability to talk to you also, our ability to access this great source of knowledge called the internet. So the list goes on.

Take a moment and look around you, and look inside you and see how many things you could be grateful for.

Be grateful to every small and significant detail, be grateful to your ability to look for a job if you are jobless, be grateful to your ability have the medicine when you are sick, be grateful for your ability to cry when you need to, be grateful for your ability to go to sleep, be grateful for your ability breath. Be grateful for being loved, or to love somebody, be grateful for your ability to forgive, to tolerate and to accept the other. 


Gratitude is a significant progress component as it heals your soul, heart and brain and brights your life.


There are different possible ways to adopt gratitude as a mindset. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.

Thank You

M.A. USman Jr.



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