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Realities (Bright Talk) 5

What does Reality represent?

What is reality? What is your reality? What is my reality? 

Reality is the totality of all things, structures (actual and conceptual), events (past and present) and phenomena, whether observable or not. Carrying this into mind ask yourself again: what is your reality?

Experiences, current thoughts, everyday actions, shape our consciousness. Collectively they transform to be our dialing code which links us to the world around. and as a result, forms our realities.

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So what realities do we want to form? , what consciousness do we want to talk to the world to the society, to our families, friends and ourselves with? 

When we communicate do we always consider the different realities we see things by? do our realities form the truth, and do the realities of the others present false? does life treat us with a reality that we don’t like, or understand? If so what did we do about it?


We look for happiness, internal peace and mental health, improvements in the surrounding of unwanted or undefined realities, instead let me ask you,  what could happen if we evaluate and examine our realities and what shape them?  what could happen if we tolerate the realities outside? (the opposite).


if we want different results we need to do different things. 


There are different possible ways to find out how to evaluate and reform your realities,  Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives. 


M.A. USman Jr.

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