Shadows (Bright Talk) Ep 16

Shade of Nature

From the time we were born, we start to shadow our caregivers, the society and who are around us. We are a shadow of somebody or something by nature, as we have sat rule models and idols. 

Some shadows are scary when others are mysterious. Some are temporary when others are permanent. Some are mental, and others are cultural. 

Personal Experience

I’ve lived with mental and cultural shadows myself, one to mention is the shadow of prejudices.

In my early reading journey life, I only read books of the writers who are representing the shadow of my prejudices. I spent considerable time and energy shadowing my already fact to take and truth to believe over and over again. Later on, I discovered that I’ve developed what I call now intelligence autism. 

It was excruciating to live with intelligence autism, the problem is, this autism doesn’t have symptoms, and more importantly, I only felt the pain after finding out about it. 

Shadowing never allows you to lead, and it didn’t engage me as well, shadowing never centralize your individuality, shadowing force you to follow mentally blindly and wholly surrendered. 

The Cure

My cure out of intelligence autism started the time I decided to leave the shadows. To be a complete original human being with full intelligence. A human whose intelligence is universal, and open to the universe, this decision is a result of a long time curiosity and the answers I reached.  

I couldn’t lend my intelligence anymore. 

I will not accept the boundaries of shadows and the delusion of prejudices. I’m brightening right from within. 

So my dear friend 

Do you have shadows in your life?

Do you know the shadows in your life?

Whom would you be without your shadows?

Do you consider shadowing; a leading position?


living the shadow leads to typicality.


There are different possible ways to brighten your shadows. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.


M.A. USman Jr.

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