Heart Space

When the human mind believed that hard is the best, difficult always represents empowerment, expensive translates quality, the brain punched the heart with perpetuate suffer.

We suffer running out of simplicity by jamming our heart space. Everything we have or desire to have take space in our heart.

I need it

If our intelligence is wondering what causes internal conflict and chaos, we may consider what we feed our hearts. Everything takes space in our hearts; what we are attached to, what we wish to have, what we already had and what we are exposed to.

We need everything, and everything is essential. However, is it true that everything is essential and we need everything?
We possession on our road to happiness, on our way to perfection, on our way to enjoyment. Slowly but surely possession change to be the destination itself.


We run from simplicity by having or doing everything we can, regardless if we need it or not. irrespective of the consequences. It became a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that leads us to suffer, most of the time we live in the shadow which overtakes the reality of our position. The more the shadow extends, the more we believe in the shadow.


We live in a time that individuality is a claim; we claim our individuality at the same time that we are obsessed about what celebrities do, wear, or eat.



if you want to live a full life, the abundant and simple life you need to be able to count how many things you have and be able to know their functions in your life.


There are different possible ways to simplify your life. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.

M.A. USman Jr.
Founder/Master Coach



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