Daifallah Alluhaidan
Daifallah AlluhaidanDirector, StartupGrind - Saudi Arabia

What an interesting experience having M. A. Usman Jr as my couch in my business/life journey for the last 2 years. He is in one sentence " the guy who asks the right questions at the right time". Then you get to focus and pick the best available decision and enjoy the journey.

Ahmed Zeidan
Ahmed ZeidanTech entrepreneur, Chicago

M.A.USman JR is a great coach material guy, he is a great active listener and asks the right questions which make you reaching the “aha moment” in no time. Thank you for brightening my life.

Soukaina Lasfar
Soukaina LasfarCasablanca

Your coaching sessions where an opening for me. They removed my doubts. and helped me to take the decision I needed to. I would like to thank you all and especially to Mr. M.A.USman Jr.


I've been struggling to find out my way in life, lost my job and family already didn't know what to do. Live it Bright Academy sessions helped me out and organized my thought and cleared my mind. I'm a better person now. Thank you M.A. USman Jr for this outstanding platform.


I Want to thank you live it bright and especially Mr.USman Jr for his wonderful way of coaching. I will be your permanent client as long as you don't increase your prices lol . Thank you.

Mansour Al Ali
Mansour Al AliRas Alkhaimah

Mr. M.A. USman Jr, you have this incredible ability to listen and ask the powerful questions to your client. You have changed my perspective on the value of coaching so I would like to thank and your organization for your incredible work.

Rima Ahmed
Rima AhmedRiyadh

Your leadership workshop was the best leadership workshop I've attended in my life. very powerful model. I loved it. On behalf of my colleagues and Company, I would like to thank you so much and I wish you all the best.


I didn't think of problems as a result of my thoughts and beliefs. your coaching and mentorship have reshaped my thoughts totally I would like to thank my mentor Mr. M.A.USman Jr. You are the best.


I had 2 sessions with Mr. M.A.USman Jr, he has excellent techniques to trigger the best of his client for life-changing decisions.Thank you Mr. M.A.USman Jr.

Munera Hassan
Munera HassanJeddah

As a college girl, I register to Live it bright Academy mentorship program for a full year and got their support and guides on my transitional decisions. Thank you Live it Bright.

Heran Ethi
Heran EthiManaging Director Car Rents - Dubai UAE

I'm so grateful to have you around. thank you for the big lesson or you call it the best therapy. thank you for helping me out to figure out what exactly I would do with my wishes and desires. I know I will be a better person. God has a reason for everything. Thank you again.

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