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Work to Examine (Business Talk) Ep 3

The Value of your job experience

I want you to behold the happiness energy dominates a workplace in the day people receive their salaries, commission, bonus or any financial composition.

This sensation addresses powerful direct belief to our functioning intellect, claiming we have gained the reword shows appreciation to our contribution, what increases our satisfaction hormone momentarily.

The frequency of this feeling forms the belief of worthiness.


Our Worthiness comes from experiences, comes from mental growth, from the human interactions we witness, here we grow as people on a journey of life.

A question to be asked, in an industrial language

What worth more, the factory or the products?


Have you ever heard of a story about a person worked for years and years for a particular entity and lost his/her job over something has nothing to do with this person? So then this person started complaining about being unappreciated, or unvalued? Where does this feeling come from?

What Matters:

When we go to work to examine everything, to reconfirm our humanity, to grow mentally, to listen wholehearted, to sustain our passion and to fulfill our purpose, we will never regret any day at work, and more importantly, we will enjoy the spin.


We spend an average of 35% of lives working,  so ask yourself every day if this workday has supported your passion? Alternatively, if it had fulfilled your purpose to exists?


There are different possible ways to find out how you workday would serve your passion or fulfill your purpose, and move toward being the person you want to be. Coaching is one of them because it helps to trigger and organize our thoughts, which scientifically proven that are affecting our lives.



M.A. USman Jr.

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