Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is one of the six Āstika schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. There is a broad variety of yoga schools, practices, and goals.

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Yoga for Your Lungs

Yoga has been shown to improve many aspects of lung function and even appears to be useful in asthma treatment, says Northwestern Medicine Integrative Medicine Physician Anna B. Shannahan, MD.

Yoga for Your Lungs

Yoga for Your Mind

Yoga is often touted as a stress reliever, and many studies back this claim, practicing yoga regularly can help decrease the stress hormone “cortisol

Yoga for Your Mind

Yoga for Your Heart

Research shows that long term yoga practice improves ambulatory systolic blood pressure and therefore is a lifestyle change that can help reduce hypertension.

Yoga for Your Heart

Yoga for your body

Yoga helps in increasing flexibility and strength of the body, improves posture, improves digestion, improves blood circulation, and helps improving the bones and joints health

Yoga for your body

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More than 90 percent

of people come to yoga for flexibility,

stress relief, health, and physical fitness.

But, for most people, their primary reason for doing yoga will change. ...

Yoga offers self-reflection,

the practice of kindness and self-compassion,

and continued growth and self-awareness.

- Why Yoga